Tamara Smith Certified Athletic Therapist CAT(C)

SCM Athletic Therapy specializes in musculoskeletal injuries in active people. Basically, this covers muscle, ligament and nerve issues

Scott's ability to treat my injuries has kept me active and playing the sports I love. I've worked with a number of other therapists and never come across someone who understands the physiology of our bodies the way he does. Thanks for keeping me moving Scott!


Scott Morris Certified Athletic Therapist CAT(C)

One of the things that makes SCM Athletic Therapy unique is Scott’s involvement mentoring students.

“Teaching students has always been a pleasure for me, so you will probably find at least one with me at all times.  They come from various schools across Western Canada, including the U of A, Grant McEwan, Nait, Camosun College, Mount Royal University, Red Deer College and even Sheridan College in Ontario, my alma mater.  Some of them are training in Athletic Therapy, some are Personal Trainers, some are heading off to studies in other medical fields.  What they all have in common is a desire for hands on learning.”

Scott Morris is the Owner and Head Athletic Therapist at SCM Athletic Therapy. He has over 18 years of experience primarily treating varsity athletes in the Edmonton area as well as providing athletic therapy to a large private patient base of active people. Scott leads an active life and is busy with hockey, camping, fly fishing and cycling as well as family activities such as coaching soccer and hockey.


Scott is a Certified Athletic Therapist and was educated at Brock University and Sheridan College. He’s well known in the Edmonton area as an expert in treating sports injuries and developing tailored activity programs to help patients get back to 100% activity levels. He presents at multiple conferences across Alberta each year and is a member of the Canadian Athletic Therapists Association. He is also a Past President of the Alberta Athletic Therapists Association. Additional education includes courses in:

    • Muscle Energy

    • Integrated Cranial Mobilization & TMJ Dysfunction

    • Strain Counter Strain

    • Acupressure









Tamara Smith is a Certified Athletic Therapist who has worked in the realm of athletics for over 10 years.  She has always had a passion for being active and helping others which manifested into her pursuing Athletic Therapy and working with sports including soccer, volleyball, basketball, rugby, rowing, hockey, snowboarding, running, badminton, triathalon, crossfit and Olympic weightlifting.


Her experiences with various sports and institutions have allowed her to develop attentiveness to detail and to find innovative solutions for individualized assessment, injury prevention, treatment strategies, and rehabilitation implementation. Her rehabilitative approach includes addressing improper movement mechanics and posture leading to pain or injury and maximizing muscle-joint complex mobility, neural and muscle lengthening strategies, emphasis on neutral pelvis and spine education, core stabilization and strengthening tactics, designing exercise programming specific to the needs of each individual, and management of chronic low back and lower and upper body biomechanical dysfunctions.


Tamara's therapy techniques include:

  • Muscle Energy Technique
  • Joint mobilizations
  • Manual therapy
  • Exercise therapy



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