Treatment style - all treatment is done manually, we choose to not use electrical modalities

Muscle Energy, Integrated Cranial Therapy, Pressure point treatment, myofascial release, Strain/counter-strain are the primary tools we use to achieve the necessary results

Every patient is given a home exercise program appropriate for their injury and level of healing.  We believe that this allows the patient the chance to be in control of their injury, if they do the work, they will recover faster.

We do active therapy, not passive.  We believe the body needs to move, so we ensure that clients are as active as their injury will allow.

Treatment Fee


Initial Consultation    $95.00
Treatment    $70.00
Follow-up    $70.00

Our clients vary from professional to recreational athletes, olympians to dog walkers. If you are physically active at any age or level you're welcome in our clinic.

First Visit

We do a full assessment based on the history of each patient, testing will include the following:

-muscle testing

-neural mobility and functionality

-ligament and joint testinga combination of static and dynamic posture tests

-spinal mobility from the pelvis up to and including the skull and jaw


New Patients: Who do we treat?

I've been seeing Scott for well over a decade now. If it wasn't for him I would not have been able to follow my sporting dreams at the highest level possible. Now that I am older and coaching, I send every athlete who has an injury to him. I explain him as my "Guru" doctor. Simply put; he is magical. Every athlete I send him who is told by a doctor they will be out for months; sees Scott and he easily cuts that recovery time in half. 

Whether you're a high level athlete or more leisure, Scott will get you back in the game quicker than ANYONE out there!


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