SCM Athletic Therapy does a full assessment for each patient based on their history. This assesment includes:

- muscle testing

- neural mobility and functionality

- ligament and joint testing

- a combination of static and dynamic posture tests

- spinal mobility from the pelvis up to and including the skull and jaw


Treatment style

All treatment is done manually, we choose to not use electrical modalities

Muscle Energy, Integrated Cranial Therapy, Pressure point treatment, myofascial release, Strain/counter-strain are the primary tools we use to achieve the necessary results.

Honestly, I've never met anyone who knows more about the human body than Scott. He takes the time to treat the problem at it's source. I've referred dozens of people to his clinic, and everyone who has seen him will attest to the same. Do yourself a favour and book your first visit. You'll see.


As Athletic Therapists, we help each patient by tailoring a return to activity program to cover their needs. This includes multiple steps to go from injured and non-active to 100% intensity.  By making sure that patients pass each level of their recovery program, it greatly alleviates concerns they may have about getting back into their sport. Knowing that they have passed each step symptom free will help both the patient and the therapist know that they are ready to play.

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