Arm Alphabet

Dancing Bear

Ball Leg Curl

Ball Leg Lifts

Ball Squats

Thoracic Twist on Ball



Half-Kneeling Monkey Hang

Hip Hikes

Hockey Stick Stretch

Wrist Supination/Pronation

Jane Fondas

Laying Scapular Retraction

Leg Alphabet

Mr. T's

Pelvic Clock

One-Arm Pushup


Psoas Drill

Shoulder Abduction/Adduction

Shoulder Flexion/Extension

Shoulder Int/Ext Rotation

Shoulder 45° Int/Ext Rotation

Shoulder 90° Int/Ext Rotation

Shoulder Raises

Shuffle Walks

Straight Arm Pushups

Toe Taps


If You Happened To Forget Your Homework... Here's a Cheat Sheet!

Upper Body Mobility


Upper Body Stability

Lower Body Mobility

Lower Body Stability

Isometric Knee Flexion

Spartan Twist

1/4 Technique to relieve Lower Back Pain


2/4 Technique to relieve Lower Back Pain

3/4 Technique to relieve Lower Back Pain

Glute Bridges with Leg Extension

Glute Bridges

4/4 Technique to relieve Lower Back Pain

Vertical Foam Roller Lay 


Cobra Stretch

Foam Roller with Back Extension


Isometric Knee Extension

Isometric Shoulder Flexion

Isometric Shoulder Extension

Isometric Shoulder Abduction

Isometric Shoulder Adduction

Isometric Shoulder External Rotation

Isometric Shoulder Internal Rotation

Step Ups

Meditation Technique

Hamstring Curls with Ball 

Self Trap Stretch

Self Piriformis Stretch

Self Psoas Stretch

(Hip Flexor Stretch) 

Silly Walks

(All four directions) 

Side Stepping with crossovers up Stairs 

Single Arm Rows


Windshield Wipers

Jane Fondas


Single Leg Glute Bridges

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